Directory of Faculty and Staff

John Andreadis

K-2 Theatre Teacher / Arts Coordinator

Jackie Andreychak

5th Grade Teacher

Nicole Antonacci

2nd Grade Teacher

Foretta Byles

4th Grade Teacher

Janet Castrignano

3rd Grade Teacher

Tiffany Cressman

2nd Grade Teacher

Jerry Crivellaro

Facilities Coordinator

Amy Daggett

Kindergarten Teacher

Mohamed Hagag

IT Manager

Briana Fenston


Sarah Fister

1st Grade Teacher

Adriane Fraser

K-2 Dance

Julie Hamilton

2nd Grade Teacher

Ashley Huber

1st Grade Teacher

Stephanie Iovanna

Kindergarten Teacher

Tiffany Jackson

HR Manager

Ferize Katzarova

2nd Grade Teacher

Ray Klein


Pam Kremer

Admin Support / Main Office

Robert Lawrence

K-2 Music

Emily Luca

3-5 Dance Teacher

Stephanie Luzzetti

4th Grade Teacher

Kristina Lybik

3rd Grade Teacher

Torrie Malik

Main Office /Attendance

Susan Marth

3rd Grade Teacher

Morgan McKay

4th Grade Teacher

Lori Anne Moeck

SPED Coordinator

Gail Murphy

Title 1 K-5

Tracy Nicolazzi

Admin Support /SIS

Steven Paszkowski

3-5 Music Teacher

Courtney Renaldi

Long Term Kindergarten Sub

Laura Plasner

Curriculum Coordinator

Jennifer Prichett

K-2 Art Teacher

Dara Reagle

Kindergarten Teacher

Michael Reitz

5th Grade Teacher

Becky Schone

Student Behavior Coordinator

Shannon Schone

1st Grade Teacher

Jennifer Snyder

3-5 Theatre Teacher

James Stout

Safety & Security

Tabitha Tumpey

Kindergarten Teacher

Alyssa Vanin

K-3 SPED Teacher

Leslie VanPutten

Confidential Secretary

Susan Vierheilig

Transportation Coordinator

Claire Wake


Patti Walters

4-5 SPED Teacher

Michelle Wangdak

ESL Teacher

Brittany Warner

3-5 Art Teacher

Allyssa Williams

3rd Grade Teacher

William Wright


Coriane Zvolanek

K-5 School Counselor

(484) 546-4230

Easton PA United States

Easton Arts Academy is an equal opportunity education institution and will not discriminate in its educational programs activities or employment practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, ancestry, disability or other legally protected classification. Announcement of this policy is in accordance with state and federal laws.
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